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These workshops teach you how to make several different kinds of sausages and salami from scratch, in your own home. Also, learn how to smoke your sausages. Nothing beats fresh homemade sausage that you made with your own hands. You know exactly what went into your great-tasting sausage, and how it was made. Sausage is a great and tasty way to use up the extra venison, elk, pork, beef, lamb, and other meats you might have in excess. Hunters take note! Also, the beginning class is great for corporate team-building.

The classes are taught by our in-house expert sausage maker in historic Albany, Oregon. He has many years of experience making and smoking homemade sausages, salamis and other cured meat.

We offer three classes: beginning sausage making, advanced sausage making, and Vegan sausage making. The tuition for the beginning or advanced class is $95.00. The Vegan class costs $50.00. The price includes all materials. We offer a ten percent discount if taking both beginning and advanced courses on the same weekend. Snacks and beverages are provided in all classes. In each class, we make at least two types of sausages. Students will be taking home the "fruits" of their labors: bring a small cooler. See syllabus below for more information on class content.

Upcoming 2013/2014 Classes:

  • Beginning Classes: Sept. 21, 2013; Jan. 18, 2014
  • Advanced Classes: Sept. 22, 2013; Jan. 19, 2014
  • Vegan Classes: By request.

    A course application can be downloaded here. Once we receive your completed registration and payment, we will send the course materials, driving directions, and other sausage-related reading.

    If you have any questions about the workshop, please email us! We will also do customer requested classes. Email us with your needs.

    If your coming in from out-of town and are looking for accommodations and attractions in the Albany, Oregon area, this page has all the information you need. For a Bed and Breakfast that is three blocks from our classroom, try the Pfeiffer Cottage Inn . Albany, OR is located on Interstate 5 about 90 minutes south of Portland, OR

    Beginning Sausage Making (The Fresh Sausage Class) Syllabus:

    Introduction (4 hour+ class)
    What is sausage?
    Food safety and equipment.
    Ingredients: Salt, meat, spices, etc.
    Basics of stuffing sausage
    Making your first sausage: Polish or Bratwurst
    --break-- (snacks and beverage will be provided)
    Making more sausage: Breakfast patties and more
    Final thoughts and questions

    Advanced Sausage Making (The Cured Sausage Class) Syllabus (Beginning Sausage making is required as a prerequisite, or instructor approval):

    Introduction (4 hour+ class)
    The basics of curing sausage
    Curing safety
    Environment control and equipment
    --break-- (snacks and beverage will be provided)
    Your first cured sausage: Salami
    Smoking sausages: Smoked Hungarian
    Final thoughts and questions

    Vegan Sausage Making Class (2.5 hour class)

    Why Vegan sausage?
    Materials and Ingredients
    Making the "sausage"
    Variation of flavors and smoking
    Discussion and questions

    Syllabi can and will change, based on student interest.

    Workshop resources:

    Class recipes.
    Sources for Sausage Supplies and Equipment.
    Oregon Sausage Shops
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